Emergency Radio Responder Communication System (ERRCS)



The tragedy of 911 in New York, New York, generated a previously unconsidered threat to the ability of first responders to fulfill their service duties efficiently and effectively.  During 911 communication challenges were created within and around the twin towers when the radio communications lacked the ability for Fire, Police, and other agencies to effectively communicate with staff to provide adequate services to the building and people under attack.  Mandatory requirements for these systems first appeared in the 2007 edition of NFPA 72.


Code Requirements

Many Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regularly adopt updated building code editions. Each AHJ will have their own requirements, however, those with NFPA codes 2007 or newer may require the implementation of Emergency Radio Responder Enhancement Systems within buildings.  This first requires testing to determine the need for an enhanced system. The enhancement system must meet many code requirements including pathway suitability, specific locations, system types, and cables. Once the system is installed compliance test results must be completed and remain on file with the building manager.


Our Experience

Optimized LED has invested time and effort into full understanding of all applicable building codes applying to these systems. With a number of projects completed, we are quickly becoming the go to source in the Southwestern United States for understanding the complexities of these newly required systems. When requested by your Fire Marshall to comply with NFPA 1221, choose Optimized LED for consultation, design, engineering, and implementation of your Emergency Radio Responder Communication System.


The mandatory requirement to install Emergency Radio Responder Communication System coverage within buildings is a relatively new code enforced requirement with many Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Some AHJ's require designed and engineered drawings signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer. We find that there are few contractors experienced with these systems available locally for many building owners and even fewer engineers experienced in their implementation. Choose the engineer that has experience; Optimized LED will explain the system requirements to you every step of the way. 


Rick Finnegan, President, US Mobile Communications


"I started working with Brett at Optimized Lighting, Engineering, and Design when new requirements were instated for the operation of Emergency Radio Responder Communications System (ERRCS) in buildings. Originally, Optimized was tasked with reviewing and stamping the ERRCS designs. During that process, they were found to be timely, responsive, and effective. They completed detailed research and ensured they fully understood the system requirements before providing the services for US Mobile Communications. We felt so comfortable that we authorized Optimized LED to provide exclusive design and drafting services to support the ERRCS installation projects for US Mobile Communications. I look forward to continuing a long partnership with Brett and Optimized-LED on all future ERRCS projects because of their reliability and attention to detail."