Frequently Asked Questions


Doesn't my MEP engineer provide lighting drawings?

Yes, however, Optimized LED is specialized, focusing on lighting systems. Removing lighting from the MEP engineer that has many systems to design and a lighting designer that has a high price and doesn't typically produce construction drawings can provide a leg-up when interviewing for projects. 

What codes do I need to comply with?

Most jurisdictions within the United States have adopted a mandatory energy code; however, these vary across the country. California and Florida have their own codes; other states use either the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) or the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 90.1. Optimized LED is well versed with all codes; for prototypes, a design is developed that can meet all variations.

What are the benefits of a multi-name specification?

Many construction projects utilize an MEP engineer, and part of the Electrical Engineer's project responsibilities is to provide a light fixture schedule. The MEP engineer is only contracted to select a product and is typically not experienced with pricing of these products; therefore, during the bidding and product approval process early in construction, substitutes are provided to reduce cost. These substitutes are at the sole discretion of the vendor and may not be adequate for the project. Furthermore, after the initial bid, typically the full value of the cost savings will not be refunded to the project budget. A multi-name specification pre-approves alternates during the design to allow multiple manufacturers to compete for the best price creating a cost savings and benefit to the building owner.  Optimized LED will always provide a minimum two-name specification if available.

What are the benefits of updating my lighting?

Updating your facility lighting can provide a greater level of aesthetics, reduce glare, and provide substantial energy savings with Light Emitting Diode (LED) and advanced lighting control solutions. Exact savings are dependent on your specific facility. As an unaffiliated professional engineering firm, Optimized LED has knowledge and expertise with all lighting manufacturers. Contact us today for a customized analysis and consultation.

Do I really need a professional engineer for my energy retrofit?

No, many energy retrofit projects do not require engineered drawings. However, anytime the quantity of fixtures is adjusted, walls are moved, or the layout is changed, new engineered drawings are required to be completed. Additionally, engineered drawings ensure compliance with the latest state mandated building codes, minimizing lawsuits. Optimized LED specializes in providing fully engineered construction documents for lighting systems. Optimized LED is currently licensed in Arizona, California, and Colorado with the ability to obtain licensing in other states as needed.

I just have a quick question can you answer it?

Yes, we love to grow our knowledge and advance our experience. We are happy to provide free consultations on your situation up to 10 minutes. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.